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Hey y'all! Intro & Moving Part 1

September 25, 2019

Hey y’all! I hope this post finds all of you well. A little intro for you. I’m Madison, a wife, momma, sister, auntie, lover of Gilmore Girls and Cool Ranch Doritos. 3 kids on the ground, 1 angel in heaven.
(Also, when I say “we” I’m taking about my hubby, 3 kids, myself, and sometimes the cat and 2 dogs.)
I wanted to share our latest life changing event. We moved from Northwest Arkansas, where I have resided since day 1 on this planet, to freaking Wisconsin! Yeah, I mean, not as crazy as like some places, but real crazy for me. We left family, a home, friends, our church, schools, basically all the things I know. My husband was given the opportunity to relocate for his job and I actually said yes (still unsure exactly what I was thinking, but here we are).
Not only did I leave behind the only personal life I had, I also left behind my career. I went from corporate working mom to stay at home mom! Which may or may not still prove to be the hardest part of this adventure.
We are going to give this new journey our best effort though! I’m looking forward to how close our family is going to become!
Although, I have a few first impressions/concerns about our new home:
  1. I get sweet tea is a southern thing, but like Walmart doesn’t even have Red Diamond people!! Why?!?
  2. So I know there are Chick-Fil-A’s here, but not around every corner like in NWA. I have to drive an hour! This is almost a cause for moving back home!
  3. I need a Stevens’s Special in a bad way! Can I just get some rice, chicken & queso?!? I can’t even find a place with white cheese dip. I don’t understand, this is the land of the cheese!
And yes, thus far my complaints are food/drink related. I like to eat, it gives me life.
But overall Wisconsin is beautiful, and we are enjoying ourselves so far!
So why am I attempting to write a blog about my life when the internet is saturated with blogs? Not really sure since I’m definitely not a writer by trade. I just thought someone might find some encouragement or entertainment in a world full of some not so encouraging things on the internet. Also, I want to help promote our little online children’s boutique, because let’s be real I want it to be successful!
Until next time (if I try this again)!
And always remember:
Praise God,
Spread Joy,
Be Kind, and
Show Gratitude!